Aérodynamique et performance

Xavier Garnaud - L. Lesshafft - P. Schmid - P. Huerre


X. Garnaud L. Lesshafft, P. J. Schmid and P. Huerre, The preferred mode of incompressible jets: linear frequency response analysis, J. Fluid Mech. (2013), vol. 716, pp. 189-202. (preprint)

What is the origin of engines’ noise ?

Why ?

Jets are the main source of noise emission by airplanes during take-off climb phases. In this study, we focus on acoustic radiation from large scale vortices and we aim at identifying the mechanisms through which these structures are generated. The understanding of these phenomenas will enable the control of the flow to reduce jet noise.

How ?

Numerical simulation of compressible and incompressible flows, analysis of simplified models.


Optimal excitation of the flow by external disturbances