Cellular diagnostic

Cyprien Guermonprez - Sébatien Michelin - Charles Baroud


Publication : R. Dangla, S. Lee and C. Baroud. Trapping microfluidic drops in wells of surface energy.
Physical Review Letters, 107:124-501. Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 124501. preprint

How to produce concentration gradients in microfluidics?

Why ?

Concentration gradients are important in microfluidics for biomechanicals and screening assays. For example, bacteria response to an antibiotic depends on the agent concentration.


Flow rates distribution within channels.

Advection - Diffusion


Flow rate distribution with branches
Branch concentration profile is Péclet dependant


Array of micro-reactors with diverse and controlled concentrations

Can we control thousands of parallel cell colonies in square centimeter ?

R. Tomasi - G. Amselem - S. Sart C. N. Baroud


Single-cell studies allow to investigate cellular heterogeneity in large populations, which is crucial in many fields such as cancer therapy ot stemcell isolation.


Microdroplets can be efficiently trapped by anchors etched in the channel ceiling.

We built a high density array on a microfluidic chip

564 droplets trapped on anchors


Droplet production
3D cell culture in collagen