New energy harvester systems

Invent and study new processes in order to harvest energy from fluid flows

Xavier Amandolese - Pascal Hémon - Emmanuel de Langre - Sébastien Michelin

LadHyX performs for several years some researches in order to clarify the potential of generic fluid-structure mechanismes with the objectif of designing new innovant energy harvester systems. We work then on the fluttering flag, by adding piezo-electric patches in the membrane, or by coupling the flag with an oscillating mast (Patented in 2014). We also study transversal aeroelastic instabilities such as airfoil coupled mode flutter, galloping of prisms, or riser oscillations due to vortex shedding.

The common point of all these systems leads on the energy harvesting process on the oscillating solid : too much harvesting kills the motion, whereas too low harvesting leads to a weak efficiency. Researching the optimal conditions is therefore the major challenge of this domain.

Eolienne drapeau à mat oscillant

Sevareal PhD thesis have been successfully defended on this topic : Xia (2015), Virot (2015), Groutier (2013).
The team performs also contracts for industry.