Biomécanique cardiovasculaire

What the effect of stent degradation on the arterial wall ?

J. Mensah - A. Lafont - A. I. Barakat

Why ?

Stents are the leading treatment for atherosclerosis today. Biodegradable stents, the latest concept in stents, aim to provide structural support to maintain the artery open for only the time needed and then degrade. It is crucial to understand interactions between stents and the arterial wall and optimize the mechanical performance of these stents.

How ?

We are developing a finite element model of a biodegradable stent deployed in an artery, and the mechanical stresses thus induced during the:
1. Deployment of the stent
2. Degradation of the stent by hydrolysis modifying the properties of the stent
3. Biological remodeling: an adaptive process of arterial wall geometry that aims to normalize mechanical stresses.


Results of stresses induced in the arterial wall due to the deployment of a stent.