New materials

P. S. Raux - H. Cockenpot - M. Ramaioli - D. Quéré - C. Clanet


P. S. Raux, H. Cockenpot, M. Ramaioli, D. Quéré and C. Clanet, Wicking in a Powder, Langmuir, 29, 3636-3644, 2013, preprint


Imbibition can sometimes be beneficial for Agriculture and Inductry.

Hydrophobic soils and nutriment transport
Water seepage in wall.
Dissolution of powder

Lab experiments

We measure the critical angle Θ* corresponding to the imbibition threshold.


Experimentally, the critical contact angle Θ* is found to be close to 51°, far from the value for capillary tubes (90°). Additionnaly, it does not depend on the size of the grains.