Macroscopic flows

Instabilities in flows at large Reynolds numbers are among the founding themes of LadHyX that have largely contributed to its international position in the field. The laboratory has implemented innovative concepts and calculation methods that have had an impact on the community, particularly in non-linear dynamics and optimal flow control.

Macroscopic flows correspond to large-scale configurations such as those encountered in air transport to ocean-scale flows.

In geophysics, these are mainly the dynamics of eddies in stratified-turning flows, mixing in the oceans, the dynamics of tidal and internal waves, or the dynamics of triadic instabilities. The generation of turbulence in stratified flows and transient growth within this type of flow are also studied at LadHyX.

Finally, jets represent an important component of the research conducted from the point of view of instabilities, in particular hot jets, instabilities in flames, jet noise or streaks in the jets. Optimum control at the nozzle level is an interesting field of application, for example to facilitate plume dispersion.